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by Hans Jacobi, DJ7BA, provides instant indication of direction and distance of a country on a great circle map around one's own QTH. You simply enter a prefix or call. It works even with very special calls/prefixes. DXCC country, continent, CQ zone, 'known as' prefix and most wanted rating are shown, too. You can update that. New: Indication of local time, sunrise and sunset times at the DX QTH and at your own QTH are shown now, too.

What you get is probably the most comprehensive and powerful call/DXCC-country analysis tool available today! This highly useful Program for DXers is adaptable to every QTH of this world, and so is the necessary individual great circle map. The README sheet explains how to integrate a new map, that can be created by the excellent, zipped 718 KB FREEWARE program GcmWin23 by Roger Hedin, SM3GSJ that, besides more good ham freeware, is also available at DJ7BA's downloads section. The sheet PREFIX permits printing of a DXCC country list with direction and distance from one's QTH. Special recognition for this goes to K7NO and his earlier Program Bearings.

PREFIX needs EXCEL (as in Office 97 or Office 2000, older EXCEL versions not tested). Hardware requirements: You should use a decently fast Pentium and a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 . Less will do, but at reduced performance.